Monday, August 8, 2016

To the Stars Isabelle by Lawrence Yep

I love this book. Its about Isabelle a dancer.

Rating: 5 By: Lily Age:10

Designs by Isabelle by Lawrence Yep

This was an amazing book about a dancer.

Rating: 5 By: Lily Age: 10

1001 Things Everyone Should Know about Science by James Trefil

This book is a nonfiction book and about a myriad of different things. There are 7 Chapters that deal with Classical Biology, Evolution (my favorite),l Molecular Biology, Classical Biology. Modern Physical Science, Earth Science, and Astronomy. You will like this book if you like books about science. A feast read (for me at least!)

Rating: 4.5 By: Colin Age: 12

The Little Drummer Girl of Gettysburg by Ed Kelemen

It was amazing and historic.

Rating: 5 By: Lily Age: 10

Emma on Thin Icing by Coco Simon

The book was really good and had a surprising ending.

Rating: 5 By: Lily Age: 10

Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar

I read Sideways Stories from Wayside School. It was a funny book. This story is about the class on the 30th story. There was a mean teacher in the class in the beginning who turned the kids into apples. The kids/apples made the teacher turn them back. They turn her into an apple on accident and the recess teacher ate her. The class got a new teacher Mrs. Jewls who was very nice. All the chapters are about a different kid in the class. Louis the yard teacher always helps the kids with their problems. This book is funny and exciting. At first Mrs. Jewls thought the kids where monkeys.

Rating: 4.5 By: Aiden Age: 10

The Elementia Chronicles book three part 2: Herobrine's Message By Sean Fay Wolfe

The story of Stan, Kat, and Charlie is unforgettable. There were lots of twists like Black Hood and the feared Herobrine... but who are they? I rated this book a five out of five book because I could not put it down. The total amount of pages in both books was 783 and I read that in three days. This is a book that has action, adventure, betrayals, and wonder. If you like any of those categories then this book is a great option. This book may be good for children 10-16 years old. Do not read this book first because it will not make sense at all. Start form book one, then two, then so on.

Rating: 5 By: Kaden Age: 13

100 Most Feared Creatures On the Planet By Anna Claybourne

I think the most feared animal is the Blue Ringed Octopus. It is scary because it is so small but it has a seriously venomous bite. The wolverine is known to kill full grown caribou. Did you know that mosquitos have caused more human deaths than all the wars in history? I love this book because it has awesome facts.

Rating: 5 By: Roman Age: 10

Underworlds When Monsters Escape By Tony Abbot

Owen, Jon, Sydney, and Dana are going on a adventure to save Dana and the world. They fight mythological creatures and find a very evil Norse God.

Rating: 4 By: Roman Age: 10