Monday, August 8, 2016

The Elementia Chronicles book three part 2: Herobrine's Message By Sean Fay Wolfe

The story of Stan, Kat, and Charlie is unforgettable. There were lots of twists like Black Hood and the feared Herobrine... but who are they? I rated this book a five out of five book because I could not put it down. The total amount of pages in both books was 783 and I read that in three days. This is a book that has action, adventure, betrayals, and wonder. If you like any of those categories then this book is a great option. This book may be good for children 10-16 years old. Do not read this book first because it will not make sense at all. Start form book one, then two, then so on.

Rating: 5 By: Kaden Age: 13

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