Friday, June 24, 2016

The Elementia Chronicles Book Three Part One: The Dusk of Hope by Sean Fay Wolfe

The book about how Stan and his friends are trying to bring peace to Elementia is one of the most amazing minecraft stories I've ever read. The story is full of details that make the book come to life. The book makes you feel like you're in the book. It pulls you in and grasps on to you and it wont let go. It took me a really hard time to put this book down. The series is one of the best. At first I thought is was Divergent then Hunger Games then I'm Number Four, but it turned out that my favorite is The Elementia Chronicles. The age range of this book is probably 10-16. I recommend this book to anybody who likes a good challenge .

Rating: 5 By: Kaden Age: 12

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